Dear Anomaly,

I want to live by black and white. Simple. Clear. Balanced.

But I love the greys.

Therein lie the curiosities and the beautiful 

Haunting fog of emotions and unforeseen sparks.

I preserve the brilliance and luster within 

Because I cannot bear to release anything short of perfection.  

But brilliance is not perfect; it’s truth—

And luster is not perfect; it’s life. It’s light. It’s me. 

I cannot expect to be black and white.

If I am only intentional than I will filter what could be.

Perfection aside, I long to embrace the authentic me,

Creams, greys, and smog combined, to paint my world

In neutral.

Even in the smudges I will be seen.

In an Epistle to myself, I will be heard.

Brilliance and luster. Dearth and shadow.

And I will drink my unfiltered loose-leaf tea of 

Earl grey, lavender, and rosemary.

Take out an envelope and pen, and then 


Let the herbs infiltrate my system as I meditate on the aromatic sweetness.

Herbs transform into a cluster of charcoal words,

Earnestly transferred to blank pages to be folded then enclosed.

Star-like imagery. Dark interior.

I love the greys. Complex. Hazy. Eccentric. 

But I want to live by black and white.